OU Musicologists in Glasgow

The Music Department is well-represented at this week’s conference on Music in Nineteenth-Century Britain, being held at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland in Glasgow. Martin Clarke is giving a paper on Sir Frederick Bridge and the Methodist Hymn Book, while Helen Barlow is speaking on Cultural Identity and Musical Experience in the case of the Waddington Sisters. Rosemary Golding’s paper focusses on the Union of Graduates in Music and efforts to regulate the music teaching profession. Several PhD students are also in attendance: Samantha Bassler, who is writing on the nineteenth-century reception of Elizabethan music; Michael Busk, who works on music in early nineteenth-century Manchester; and Martyn Strachan, studying musical style in the work of Sullivan. As always, the conference promises a rich collection of topics – and, this year, the obligatory ceilidh.

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