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Following the appearance of an article in a local newspaper today about a pioneering effort to bring music lessons to children in rural parts of Yorkshire, BBC Radio York interviewed Naomi Barker about online music tuition. The project which launched in January 2015 uses Skype to deliver instrumental lessons to children who would otherwise not have access to music making. Jonathan Cowap interviewed Naomi along with Heidi Johnson the Director of NYMAZ and James Marshall the Operations Director at Stonebridge Associated Colleges. You can listen to the broadcast here starting at 02:15:00

Royal_Academy_of_Music-_the_work_of_the_Royal_Academy_in_Wartime,_London,_England,_UK,_1944_D22286As the OU music department has been developing ways of delivering music modules through a blend of online and face to face tuition for some time, we embrace the opportunities that new technologies offer, while at the same time facing up to some of the challenges that the online environment brings. NYMAZ should be applauded for their forward thinking in finding ways of bringing music to young people, and young people to music in spite of lack of funding. I hope at the same time they remain committed to blending that online environment with real time events that immerse youngsters in the whole emotional, social, collaborative and creative experience that is participative music making at its best.


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  1. The music sharing business is getting bigger and bigger day by day. In the near future we will be able to find music files by searching them on platforms such as google. Many are working on it rght now.

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