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Troubleshooting the Bookmarklet Tool

If you encounter problems using the bookmarklet tool, the following guidelines may help with troubleshooting.

Problems accessing Nature in Internet Explorer 8

We are aware of issues with content from Nature Publishing on Internet Explorer 8 provided by the Open University. When accessing a nature publication, you may recieve a prompt that Internet Explorer cannot download nature11392.html from (see image 1). If this is encountered, one of the following solutions can be tried to resolve this issue.

Method One

  1. Visit the nature homepage (see image 2)
  2. Click the Bookmarklet URL. All URLs will now have in as part of the URL (see image 3)
  3. Navigate to the resource you wish to access (see image 4).

Method Two

  1. Copy the link you are trying to access by right clicking on it and selecting 'copy shortcut' (see image 5).
  2. Open the URL editor tool via the following URL:
  3. Paste the link into the URL field. The new URL should be displayed in the EZProxied URL field (see image 6).
  4. Access the resource via the new URL.
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