Useful Resources

Background information on the Police College, Hendon, can be found on the Metropolitan Police website at and a local archive website at

A number of websites representing the interests of the policeman are available: That of the Police Federation can be found at; specific interests of Metropolitan workers at

Although organised on similar lines to their English and Welsh colleagues, the Scottish Police has its own structure with the interests of its workers in the hands of the Scottish Police Federation. Their website is

British Transport Police, not covered in these modules, is concerned solely with policing of the railways and is a separate body. British Transport policemen have their own Federation whose website is


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H. Shpayer-Makov, The Making of a Policeman: A Social History of a Labour Force in Metropolitan London, 1829-1914 (Aldershot, 2002).




William Edward Pearce 1853-1883 William Edward Pearce 1853-1883