June update

Activities during June and early July
A bit later than expected owing to a week spent largely talking to people about RISE, Activity Data and Shared Services.

June and early July has been spent mainly in finishing off the evaluation sessions and in planning for and delivering the RISE Innovations in Activity Data event  We are in the process of writing up the evaluations and they will form part of the Users post for the Project. 

Innovations in Activity Data for Academic Libraries was conceived as a small event that would give a chance for librarians to hear about the library-related projects in the programme strand and to think about how they might be able to use activity data themselves.  In the end we had people from six other Universities (not including those at institutions running other Activity Data projects).   It was quite a lot of effort to get everything together for even a small event but everything went well on the day, even the online presentation and we coped with the various challenges thrown at us.  Thanks to everyone who attended, presented or helped with the day.

Activity Data programme meeting
Last week the RISE project also went to the Activity Data programme meeting, again in Milton Keynes on 5 July.  The RISE presentation for this event is available here on Slideshare. 

The programme meeting included both the Activity Data and Business Intelligence projects and it was particularly interesting to see the BI projects and their different focus.  Seeing some of the work those projects have just started with dashboards, visualisations and work around looking at measuring student success (or lack of success) was really valuable for us to see. The Activity Data programme manager Andy McGregor has blogged about the programme meeting here.

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