Design Education: Teaching in Crisis

At the end of 2021 we published the special issue Design Education: Teaching in Crisis in the Journal of Design and Technology Education (DATE). This brought together 16 articles from academics around the world

Christian Nold: Mapping, Generative Coding, Science and Technology Studies and Systemic design

Hi, my name is Christian Nold and I started at the OU in September 2021 as a Lecturer in Design. In this text I want to introduce myself and offer a few themes from

Redesigning how to tackle sustainability

In her thought-provoking blog in November, Alice Moncaster expressed the hope that, following COP26’s image of male, white, and wealthy people making decisions, that COP27 would be “redesigned in a way that allows all

Design Education: Teaching in Crisis

Last year we (Nicole and Derek) opened a call for papers to capture some of the experiences and lessons from design educators during the Covid-19 global pandemic. We are delighted to announce the publication

Boiler bans for off grid homes-a rural design challenge?

Reducing energy and associated carbon emissions from the built environment is critical to meeting our climate targets. A key part of the Government’s strategy for this in England (energy policy is a devolved matter),

Have you ever thought of doing a PhD?

A PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) is awarded for postgraduate study in any subject (not only Philosophy) which involves substantial independent research that can be considered to be ‘adding to knowledge’ in your area. It

50 years of design teaching

    Recently we held the first event in a series to celebrate 50 years of design teaching and research at the Open University. The event was a discussion between Emeritus Professors Nigel Cross

COP26 – Is 1.5 still alive?

    After unprecedented global news coverage, the United Nations COP26 conference ended on 13 November 2021 with the Glasgow Climate Pact agreed by the 196 countries present. The Pact was only achieved after

Creative Activism, COP26, Emerging and Forgotten Voices

Today is the last day of COP26 and, being based in Glasgow, I thought it would be a good time to share some thoughts and images. I don’t want to write about COP26 itself,

Do we need to redesign the COPs?

Today was the much-heralded (in my circles at least) ‘Built environment day’ at COP26. I have been trying to follow it on Twitter, which is ideal for those of us with short attention spans