Playmobil as a design and communication tool

PhD students at the OU are encouraged to engage in ‘research dissemination’, so that we can share our research with lots of different audiences with various knowledge levels. Every year in early June the

I installed email notification

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Designing the 2019 Design Qualification student exhibition

For the second year running, the Design and Innovation Qualification team organised an exhibition of students’ work across its 3 core design modules U101, T217/T218 and T317. The exhibition was designed by 3 student

Professor Godfrey Boyle

Professor Godfrey Boyle, Emeritus Professor in the Design Group at the Open University, has sadly died. After studying Electrical Engineering at Queens University, Belfast and working as journalist for Electronics Weekly, in the early

Design Council and the OU Design Group

The Design Council visited the OU last week to talk about their ongoing work on the Design Economy. This work overlaps with our own on design identities and students – rather than asking ‘what

Additive Manufacturing – helping to reduce waste in aircraft production

If you’ve read all the hype about 3D printing in recent years, you would be forgiven for thinking that we should all be driving around in 3D printed cars and 3D printing our own

Engaging communities in design decision-making

We live in a time where the role of civil society in dealing with social, economic and environmental issues becomes more and more essential in the face of reduced resources by the local and

Faith buildings and local communities

What is the role of faith buildings in today’s society and how can historic faith buildings be revitalised and re-energised by connecting with their local communities? This is a question we have been exploring

Design for democracy

Dockland Democracy When design academics at the OU were planning visits with students, without consciously realising it, all of the visits chosen were to statement buildings on the waterside in reclaimed dockland areas. Following

Fostering Sustainable Practices in Fashion

Finally, sustainability in fashion is being noticed. The fast fashion of the last decades has given us cheap clothes of often doubtful quality, which is fast bought and fast disposed. The cheap clothes is