Redesigning major infrastructure projects for a post Covid19 world

As lockdown measures ease many people are wondering what will life be like post Covid19. Will there be a new normal in which society operates in profoundly different ways with less travel for example,

Fieldwork is Fun!?

I’m researching ways to reduce carbon emissions from residential heritage buildings while retaining their heritage values. I’m focussing on Cumbria and the Lake District National Park and before the small matter of coronavirus prevented

Join the COVID-19 Digital Sprint Hackathons

Join the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) COVID-19 Digital Sprint Hackathons, now seeking novel ideas and solutions. The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic poses significant risk to society, the economy and the environment. With the nature

Patterns of invention, design and innovation – the case of vacuum cleaners

Today almost all households in industrialised countries have at least one vacuum cleaner. But after World War Two the adoption of vacuum cleaners was surprisingly slow, and it was not until 1955 that half

Europe’s first eco-mosque

I visited the Abu Bakr Siddiq Mosque in December 2005 during the Mill Road Winter Fair.  They welcomed me in for mint tea and sweet treats, while my highly-excited small daughters had their hands

The design opportunities in a crisis

It seems to be a little inappropriate to talk about ‘opportunity’ when you think about the current health crisis. The first association between these two words might be that of profiteering. But having had

Using remote and onscreen laboratories in online learning

As many Universities need to quickly move their learning online during the current coronavirus crisis, we have received many questions about our remote and virtual laboratories. This blog collects together useful information about our

Editorial: Ed Tech defining design curriculum

(This is a cross post fromthe #DistanceDesignEd blog: If you’d asked me ‘What drives your design curriculum?’ a few weeks ago I wouldn’t have said Zoom… I’ll shortly have to add a whole

Being a designer: Starting in a new product development team.

Research on design practice examines how the role of the designer is shifting, that product design is collaborative, and design is taking on more responsibility in the process. It claims that design is no

Exploring the design in place of on-street wireless charging for EVs

We are taking part in an 18-month Innovate UK research project exploring the design of, and user interactions with, on-street wireless charging for electric vehicles (EVs). This £3m project, entitled “On-Street Residential Induction Charging”,