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What is the role of urban robotics in an unpredictable world?

Rapid advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI) are making urban robotics an everyday reality. In this blog post we summarise the story of Starship robots in Milton Keynes (MK) to assess their contribution to the

A curatorial perspective on urban transformation

During our research within the Future Urban Environments group we study the processes through which various actors, including planners, architects, policymakers, technology developers, community groups and many others engage in the collective creation and re-creation

Where do you test an innovation? – optimising under constraints

In this blog entry we will discuss the selection of sites for deploying urban innovation (for example, for demonstrators, living-labs or technical trials), sharing some thoughts that arose in response to developments in a

Site selection criteria for urban innovation experiments – towards a guidance note for practitioners

Selecting a site for the demonstration of innovative technologies in urban settings is not usually straightforward, even after a specific city has been chosen. A city is not a place but a constellation of

Exploring the design in place of on-street wireless charging for EVs

We are taking part in an 18-month Innovate UK research project exploring the design of, and user interactions with, on-street wireless charging for electric vehicles (EVs). This £3m project, entitled “On-Street Residential Induction Charging”,

Cities of permanent experiments and atmospheres of reception

We have been thinking quite a bit about the effect that urban experiments may have on cities, particularly when sustainability experiments become business as usual. This was inspired by our recently work on an