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LEARN x DESIGN Conference on Design Education

The 6th International DRS EdSIG Conference on Design Education, LEARN x DESIGN 2021 was held in September 2021, hosted by Shandong university of Art & Design, China. The 2021 Conference was a great success,

Attitudes and Behaviours

We’re on design as a set of Cognitive Superpowers (again). This time looking at two properties we take for granted and don’t seem to include in learning outcomes: Attitudes and Behaviours. I’m going to

Discovering the Smallest Particle of Design and how that Pleases Santa

A bit of a festive post to end the year on how the smallest atom of design is and Santa are related. But first: What is the smallest possible particle of design process? At

OU Design Summer School 2020 – Week 2 (and mostly 3 if I’m honest…)

OK, so in the best traditions of being an OU student: life got in the way of what I wanted to do; I realised that what I wanted to do was probably a bit,

OU Design Summer School 2020 – Week 1

A few of us are working on an OU Design Summer School this year and we already have a great bunch of students working on this. It’s a bit of an experiment in terms

The Science and Poetry of Messy thinking

This post started out as a few reflections on a few distance design education events I attended recently, where most of the discussions did not centre around online vs face-to-face or technology and IT

The Guide to Creating Distance Design Courses is finally here!

As part of our work to support design educators transposing to online and distance teaching, we’ve created a guide for Creating Distance Design Courses, which is now available here: It took a bit

Editorial: Ed Tech defining design curriculum

(This is a cross post fromthe #DistanceDesignEd blog: If you’d asked me ‘What drives your design curriculum?’ a few weeks ago I wouldn’t have said Zoom… I’ll shortly have to add a whole

Distance and online design education – a (not so) quick introduction

This is a quick post after a few online discussions and question around how to start with distance (and online) design education – thanks to @ZhenpingLiow, @_p_antonio and others). It’s a quick summary of

The Design Group at TEDx – Part 1: Learning to Change Our Minds

The Open University hosted TEDx last week, providing a platform for a range of interesting and diverse speakers across the UK. The Design Group (not short of something to say in public) was represented