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COP26 – Is 1.5 still alive?

    After unprecedented global news coverage, the United Nations COP26 conference ended on 13 November 2021 with the Glasgow Climate Pact agreed by the 196 countries present. The Pact was only achieved after

Do we need to redesign the COPs?

Today was the much-heralded (in my circles at least) ‘Built environment day’ at COP26. I have been trying to follow it on Twitter, which is ideal for those of us with short attention spans

Doing it for the ‘gram: Design, influencers and affluenza.

There is (rightly) no getting away from discussion of the climate emergency, especially this week as Cop26 is underway in Glasgow. Whilst many problems that contribute to the crisis are global, political and very

COP26 UN Climate Change Conference – ‘Code red for Humanity’

Image; Rise in average surface temperature 2048-2051 from 1951-1980 based on IPCC 4th Report, Robin Roy, October 2020 As you’ve probably heard, the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP) –

The Unvaccinated: The new marginalized to co-design with?

The photo is from a London demonstration in May. Source:   I am with a friend in Athens, we are having dinner at a terrace. He is cold, but we cannot get inside

LEARN x DESIGN Conference on Design Education

The 6th International DRS EdSIG Conference on Design Education, LEARN x DESIGN 2021 was held in September 2021, hosted by Shandong university of Art & Design, China. The 2021 Conference was a great success,

Retrofit and new build – the policy reality gap

I was quietly minding my own business on Thursday the 24th of June when not one, but two colleagues emailed me to say that Radio 4’s The World at One was discussing heritage buildings

Rethinking household chores, and game design about farming industry among student projects presented at OU Annual Design Show.

A low-tech solution where kids exercise and tumble wash their clothes, a grocery trolley designed according to Inclusive Design principles, and an app that relies on true body size, not labels to curate your

What is the role of urban robotics in an unpredictable world?

Rapid advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI) are making urban robotics an everyday reality. In this blog post we summarise the story of Starship robots in Milton Keynes (MK) to assess their contribution to the

The impact of the built environment on climate change – and of climate change on the built environment

Why is the built environment important to climate change?  We all live and work in buildings, and they provide us with shelter and warmth, belonging and protection. However the built environment is responsible for