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Retrofit and new build – the policy reality gap

I was quietly minding my own business on Thursday the 24th of June when not one, but two colleagues emailed me to say that Radio 4’s The World at One was discussing heritage buildings

Rethinking household chores, and game design about farming industry among student projects presented at OU Annual Design Show.

A low-tech solution where kids exercise and tumble wash their clothes, a grocery trolley designed according to Inclusive Design principles, and an app that relies on true body size, not labels to curate your

What is the role of urban robotics in an unpredictable world?

Rapid advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI) are making urban robotics an everyday reality. In this blog post we summarise the story of Starship robots in Milton Keynes (MK) to assess their contribution to the

The impact of the built environment on climate change – and of climate change on the built environment

Why is the built environment important to climate change?  We all live and work in buildings, and they provide us with shelter and warmth, belonging and protection. However the built environment is responsible for

What makes a design “Smart”?

Enjoying a bright sunny day, a light breeze and a cosy fire in winter are three of the most delightful pleasures one gets to experience. Surprisingly, I hardly remember the last time I got

What is the point?

For those who often come from a purely scientific background like engineering, medicine or IT, it seems to be very difficult to get convinced of not only the importance of visual art (especially painting), design

Night…that mystic

Science, poetry, painting and other forms of art have always been inspired by that mysterious darkness with the countless stars that night brings in its folds. In a certain way, that is quite expected

Ethics before Creativity

“Justice is the basis of urbanisation” is the letteral translation of one of the famous lines of “Al-Muqaddimah”; “Introduction”, the great book of Ibn Khaldun, the well-known ancient Arab philosopher, sociologist, and historian. However,

Reviving Department Stores as Destination Spaces

The London Architecture Festival comes to an end this Wednesday after a month of diverse and fascinating events. With many being hosted online this year, this has afforded the opportunity to attend far more

The Boring City 

Doctors have always told us to move more, go for a walk, and keep doing it as a daily habit. We, the city people try to manage to do this, but once we’ve decided