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The Science and Poetry of Messy thinking

This post started out as a few reflections on a few distance design education events I attended recently, where most of the discussions did not centre around online vs face-to-face or technology and IT

Celebrating Student Work

The OU Design Student Annual Exhibition 2020, launched online on June 25th with an event attended by more than 80 students and staff at which two designers talked, Ben Sippel on Design in Lockdown

An ecological turn

As is the usual way of things for me, it was a couple of days before the abstract deadline that I clocked this conference in Bologna next January: The Ecological Turn. Design, architecture and

GAME, co-designed by clients at Psychosis Therapy Project, at PDC 2020

The Participatory Design Conference, which was going to be held in Colombia, happened online this year. Although I am sad to have missed the opportunity to work with local communities and run the situated

Design and Culture

Design and Culture This journal Design and Culture might we worth a look. There are a multitude of questions about how Design plays out in topical issues of Culture and cultures. Art is sometimes

Fieldwork is fun! Update

This is a quick update on my previous post now that the OU research competition is over. The previous one talked about how I made the video (which you can read here). ‎It was

Round like a circle in a spiral, like a wheel within a wheel….

There’s a lot circulating around about how we might emerge from Covid-19 by using its disruptions to embrace sustainability. Now it seems that Boris is proposing a big car scrappage scheme to subsidise electric

About the privilege of learning through mistakes

This blog post is about how I learn from making mistakes. We tell our first-year design students that it is essential not to dismay when they make mistakes. In fact, making a mistake and

The Guide to Creating Distance Design Courses is finally here!

As part of our work to support design educators transposing to online and distance teaching, we’ve created a guide for Creating Distance Design Courses, which is now available here: It took a bit

Redesigning major infrastructure projects for a post Covid19 world

As lockdown measures ease many people are wondering what will life be like post Covid19. Will there be a new normal in which society operates in profoundly different ways with less travel for example,