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My Design@50 Research story

Last month, Jeff Johnson and I were interviewed in the online event OU Design Research @50. In the discussion, ably steered by Claudia Eckert, Jeff and I reflected on how design research has developed at

Radical Acts

An exhibition currently on at Harewood House in Yorkshire, bears the title “Radical Acts”. This grand stately home, surrounded by gardens and an estate, was built on money from West Indian sugar plantations and

The body as an artwork – the body as a community experience

Once again, it is a novelty experience to go to a physical exhibition. No other exhibition could have been more appropriate than Daniel Lismore’s “Be yourself, everyone else is already taken” (what a title!).

Creativity, Rituality and Sustainable Development: A Case Study from the Global South

Introduction   A few years ago, while researching the persistence of traditional creative practices in Nepal, I heard about the Janakpur Women Development Centre, an NGO in Southern Nepal, where local women work on

What did YOU do in the War (against Covid19)? Engaging a response to the covid pandemic through visual communication.

It seems we might just, finally, be starting to win our battle against the scourge of covid. In fighting an invisible enemy that has had such a devastatingly tangible impact, it is not surprising

Art-Based Research Methods, STE(A)M and Global Challenges

Over the past two weeks, I shared some thoughts about Art Based Research (ABR) methods with students and colleagues. I thought I would also write my reflection here. Personally, I have always been driven

Publication: Aesthetic strategies for engaging with environmental governance

New OU Design Group Publication! Aesthetic strategies for engaging with environmental governance Christian Nold and Karolina Sobecka ‘Aesthetic strategies for engaging with environmental governance’ – written with @ksobecka. Aesthetic strategies can engage environmental

Redesigning how to tackle sustainability

In her thought-provoking blog in November, Alice Moncaster expressed the hope that, following COP26’s image of male, white, and wealthy people making decisions, that COP27 would be “redesigned in a way that allows all

Design Education: Teaching in Crisis

Last year we (Nicole and Derek) opened a call for papers to capture some of the experiences and lessons from design educators during the Covid-19 global pandemic. We are delighted to announce the publication

Boiler bans for off grid homes-a rural design challenge?

Reducing energy and associated carbon emissions from the built environment is critical to meeting our climate targets. A key part of the Government’s strategy for this in England (energy policy is a devolved matter),