Day 1

Day 1 audio will be added to this site shortly.

09.30-10.00 Welcome addresses

Dr. Vera Szöllösi-Brenig, Volkswagenstiftung: Welcome Address

Prof. Konrad Hagedorn, WINS/Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin: Opening Remarks

Prof. Ray Ison, ISSS/Open University/Monash University:   Scene Setting

Dr. Kevin Collins, Open University UK  – Programme outline and finalising contracting for the event

10.40-11.15 Keynote 1:

Critically reflecting on the Anthropocene as a framing for governance innovation  Dr. Sarah Cornell

11.45-12.20 Keynote 2:

Cybersystemics, systemic inquiry and institutional reform? Prof. Ray Ison

13.50-14.25 Keynote 3:

Living Cybersystemically in the Anthropocene. Prof. Mary Catherine Bateson (no presentation file; audio link below)


14.25-15.00 Keynote 4:

Challenges and opportunities to respond cybersystemically: The German and the global perspective. Prof. Andreas Rechkemmer

16.00-16.35 Keynote 5:

Non- linear systems – the institutional challenge. Prof. Arild Vatn

16.35-17.15 Panel 1: Learning about cybersystemic governance
from Limits to Growth.

The Club of Rome Replayed: The Triumph of Technocracy over DemocracyAlexander Christakis

Revisiting, Reframing and Rescaling an embodied ‘Problematique’ and Covenant, Heiner Benking.

Response by Robert Hoffman


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