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Poverty Reduction and Regional Integration

A comparative analysis of SADC and UNASUR health policies

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Welcome - Poverty Reduction and Regional Integration

Poverty Reduction and Regional Integration: A comparative analysis of SADC and UNASUR health policies (PRARI)

PRARI is an Open University social research project focused on world-regional social governance and social policy. PRARI examines the scope for enhancing the effectiveness of the contributions of regional organisations and regional integration processes to poverty reduction and the promotion of social equity and inclusive development. Professor Nicola Yeates is project Principal Investigator. PRARI was funded by the UK Economic and Social Research Council (2014-2015) and involved the University of Southampton, UNU-CRIS, SAIIA and FLACSO. This Open University project’s research agenda continues to develop in collaboration with selected UK and international partners.

About the research

About the research

The Poverty Reduction and Regional Integration (PRARI) is a mixed methods research study of Southern multilateral regional organisations' contributions to poverty reduction. It examines the scope for effective policy intervention by regional actors in Southern Africa and South America to improve health equity and access to health care by the poorest populations. Learn more...

About the issues

About the research

Poverty reduction is a primary international development goal. Poverty and ill-health are inextricably linked, and the greatest burden of disease is suffered by highly impoverished countries and populations. Countries are increasingly coming together to take action against these issues on a regional scale, but are regional commitments on health and poverty reduction being realised in practice? Learn more...

About the research

About the SDGs

Can regional social policy play an enhanced role in achieving the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda, with its focus on cross-border challenges intertwined across the social, environmental and economic spheres? This Issue Brief discusses the potential and opportunities for regional organizations to contribute to the SDGs and identifies priorities for action. Learn more...

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