End of Spring term 2021

Today’s talk by Dr Louise Drumm from Edinburgh Napier University brought an end to our series of talk in the spring term 2021. Beside Louise, we also had Nils from University of Cologne and Tony from University of Cape Town in this series of talk. We are grateful to have external speakers joining us and expanded our reach outside of OU.

We have had a variety of topics in the past spring term. Rebecca and Tony had got us into taking chance to revolutionize online meetings, not limited to just responding to the Covid-19 restriction. Tim and colleagues from WELS, Alison, Claire, Tom presented their collaboration with educators in Africa to promote digital education, while Saraswati and colleagues from other universities presented their wok in Nepal and Bangladesh. Johanna, our alumni, also presented her PhD on creativity and game-based learning. Tina, our micro-credentials lead, presented guidance on making learning@scale accessible. Thea talked about citizenship. This variety of talk not only touched on digital learning, but also international development and online practices. To revisit some of these presentations, you can view the recording in the seminar recordings.

After such a wonderful series of sessions, we will have a two-week break for easter. We will then kickstart our summer term in mid-April. The summer series consists of themes on open education, Covid-19 and presentation from outside of IET and OU. So there are a lot to look forward to, not to mention our annual summer conference! We will soon send out our call for papers. Watch this space!





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