Amelia And The Virgin: Saints and their devils

I will be reading from my forthcoming novel, Amelia and the Virgin at the Ilkley Fringe Festival on October 10th at 9pm. As well as extracts from the novel, I will also be giving a talk on the research that inspired it – beginning with my three year old daughter’s diagnosis of epilepsy in 2002. As I tried to find out about the condition, I kept coming across references to satanic posssession, visionary saints and other arcane links. The novel traces nine months in the life of thirteen year old Amelia:

Liverpool,1981. Amelia and her eccentric Catholic family are eagerly awaiting the Pope’s visit to the city. Increasingly disturbed by visions of a mysterious Goddess, Amelia becomes pregnant and is convinced her baby is the new Messiah. Marguerite, Amelia’s mother, ignorant of her daughter’s condition, takes an extended trip to Ireland to visit the order of nuns she has inherited. Amelia’s visions intensify and apparent miracles are performed. A cult develops. The family is divided. As believers swell in number and the papal visit nears, it becomes evident that Amelia and her unborn baby are in danger.

Tickets are free so please come along if you’ve nowt better to do on a cold October evening!

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