‘Tweet’ by Joanne Reardon Lloyd

Found Plays was part of the Royal Court’s ‘Open Court’ season which ran throughout June and July this year, taking mini plays developed from overheard conversations, images, magazine stories and putting them on the theatre’s website or scattering them all over the building to be ‘found’ by the casual visitor.   The only proviso was that the short script had to fit on to the back of an envelope – a great challenge then for a writer’s editing skills!  

I wrote a short script developed from a conversation I overheard not that long ago one Bank Holiday weekend in my home town and sent it in.  A few days later I was thrilled to see ‘Tweet’ up on the website in the company of other little plays which had been ‘found’ just about everywhere including some from familiar names like the great Caryl Churchill.  The plays are great fun, some are two lines long; some a page in length and some have just one image which tells a whole story.  A simple but wonderful idea.

 ‘Tweet’ was then chosen as one of a few of the Found Plays to be performed by Uncommon Nonsense at the Royal Court on 11 July – not quite the main stage but hugely exciting all the same!

Royal Court – Found plays

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