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The post-pandemic sustainable future of community gardens in London (Online Workshop)

Online Workshop on Friday 30th of April 2021 from 10am – 1pm During the Covid-19 pandemic, people’s relationships with plant life have altered as has their use of urban green spaces. In UK cities,

Claiming our turf. Making spaces safe through inclusive urban design.

Over recent weeks the media has been full of women sharing their stories about their experience of sexual harassment, and the statistics are shocking. It’s shocking too, that women, myself included, are not surprised

Design for repair and maintainability

Recently, I have been thinking about design for repair and maintainability.  The three ‘R’s of sustainability remind us to Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, but ‘Reuse’ can be a challenge when so many products are not

Pick a metric, any metric! Designing Building Energy Standards

The UK Government is currently consulting on the Future Building Standard which includes updates to parts of the building regulations dealing with energy use in buildings (MHCLG, 2021). The built environment is a major

An Open Innovation tool for the design toolkit

Sometimes, designing can mean to juggle multiple ideas, opinions, deadlines or budgets all in a single project. The goal, the plan to get there, and the values that drive us are in constant flux,

Attitudes and Behaviours

We’re on design as a set of Cognitive Superpowers (again). This time looking at two properties we take for granted and don’t seem to include in learning outcomes: Attitudes and Behaviours. I’m going to

Design lessons from the pandemic

As the UK sets out plans for an end to lockdown the question for many of us is what life will look like in the new, post-lockdown, normality. Designers in particular can, and should,

LGBTQ+ DESIGN history month

It is LGBTQ+ history month and it is about time to have a look at some of the contributions of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual Transgender, Queer or Questioning people to design in the past. By

What underpins creative and successful innovations?

I am currently writing a book covering a well-trodden path – creativity and innovation – with design as an essential link between these two activities. These are topics that have interested me since joining

A curatorial perspective on urban transformation

During our research within the Future Urban Environments group we study the processes through which various actors, including planners, architects, policymakers, technology developers, community groups and many others engage in the collective creation and re-creation