Studio Matters

The Studio Properties project was motivated by the absence of a comprehensive reference text of scholarship on studio pedagogy aimed at scholars and educators. Theoretical works and teaching guides exist but tend to focus on certain aspects of the studio and no single text brings these often wide-ranging ideas together under the idea of Studio.

Studio Properties will be a field guide to the design studio in education, presenting a single reference source for research and scholarship in this area.

Studio Properties examines the essential properties of the studio within the complex landscape of design education as a place for experimentation and development. Brought together by a team of experts in design pedagogy, Studio Properties is an introduction to pedagogical praxis that is more often experienced than defined. The book is presented in an easy-to-read format, allowing the reader to explore how the studio can elicit unique approaches to teaching and learning.

Studio Properties supports new, curious, and experienced design educators and researchers seeking to make sense of the complexity and richness of studio teaching across physical, hybrid and online spaces. The book will build upon existing definitions, values, concepts, and ideas of the studio, presenting this rich summary of research together in a single volume. Studio Properties is designed in an engaging format to be read in various ways, allowing educators and researchers to quickly find and directly apply content to their own disciplines and contexts.

Studio Properties will hopefully be completed towards the end of 2023.

Contact: Derek Jones or Nicole Lotz