Dr Louise Ryland-Epton’s book on Bremhill parish and her many other achievements

Dr Louise Ryland-Epton, former OU PhD student and currently Visiting Fellow in the Department, published in December 2021 Bremhill Parish Through the Ages. Ā As a result of this publication and many other activities through aĀ Victoria County History Trust supported community history project that involved workshops, talks, two festivals, an app, website, heritage trail, childrenā€™s event, Dr Ryland-Epton was appointed to the Advisory Board of theĀ Centre for the History of People, Place and Community at the Institute of Historical Research

In February 2021, Dr Ryland-Epton was awarded an Early Career Fellowship by The Royal Historical Society.Ā The fellowship enabled Dr Ryland-Epton to complete an article (provisionally) titled ā€˜Parliament and the Georgian Magistrate: Sir George Onesiphorus Paul 1780-1820ā€™. Her current research is focused on the operation of the English state in the late Georgian period, as expressed through the work of county magistrates, who she argue formed a crucial nexus that linked central and local government. In this article, she aims to properly examine the relationship between parliament and the English magistracy 1780-1820 using the career of the Gloucestershire magistrate Sir George Paul’s as a case study.