New Book

Simon Rea is currently writing a companion piece to his previous sports science text book. This current book focusses on 4 chapters around careers in sport:

  1. Intro – Studying sport / sports science:

Routes into sports career

  1. A series of 20 interviews adding insights into their career in sport – how they got into that position and the scope of their current role and how they developed the skills they need:
    1. Sports nutritionist
    2. Football agent
    3. Sports broadcaster
    4. Strength and conditioning coach
    5. Sports psychologist
    6. Sports biomechanists
  2. Developing the skills you need to work in sport:
    1. Developing relationships
    2. Communication
    3. Motivation
    4. Working with other people
  3. Landing the job – working on specific skills such as:
    1. Writing a CV
    2. Suit / Tracksuit – What to wear for a sports specific interview
    3. Interview techniques
    4. How to prepare


Simon is hoping to publish this in spring 2019…watch this space!

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