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New Book

Simon Rea will publish his book Careers in Sports Science on Monday 9th September. The book is centred around 20 extended case studies of people working in a range of occupations that are relevant to students who are currently studying for sports science degrees. These include a sports psychologist, performance nutritionist, strength and conditioning coach and an exercise physiologist. He also interviewed people working in roles that are closely aligned to sport, such as a teachers/lecturers, sports coaches and personal trainers. Drawing from the content of these interviews, Simon assesses the skills that are needed to be effective in sports related occupations and most importantly how these skills can be developed during a student’s time at university. There are also chapters on preparing for study at university and the process of applying for jobs.

New Book

Simon Rea is currently writing a companion piece to his previous sports science text book. This current book focusses on 4 chapters around careers in sport:

  1. Intro – Studying sport / sports science:

Routes into sports career

  1. A series of 20 interviews adding insights into their career in sport – how they got into that position and the scope of their current role and how they developed the skills they need:
    1. Sports nutritionist
    2. Football agent
    3. Sports broadcaster
    4. Strength and conditioning coach
    5. Sports psychologist
    6. Sports biomechanists
  2. Developing the skills you need to work in sport:
    1. Developing relationships
    2. Communication
    3. Motivation
    4. Working with other people
  3. Landing the job – working on specific skills such as:
    1. Writing a CV
    2. Suit / Tracksuit – What to wear for a sports specific interview
    3. Interview techniques
    4. How to prepare


Simon is hoping to publish this in spring 2019…watch this space!

The OU Sport & Fitness Research Cluster

The OU Sport & Fitness Research Cluster is chaired by Cluster Lead, Dr Ben Langdown and Research Convenor, Steph Doehler who support an inter-disciplinary working team of researchers investigating various areas of sport and fitness including, sports coaching, transitions in sport, strength & conditioning, athletic injury, post traumatic growth, identity, embodiment, asthma, maltreatment/abuse, sports student experiences, boxing, netball, winter sports and golf. ________________________________________________________

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