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RED Project

The Reading Experience Database (RED), 1450–1945

The RED Team

RED is currently run by a relatively small team of academic and support staff based in the Department of English, The Open University. We also have a management board composed of people who have made a substantial contribution to the project and are still active in their engagement with the project, including the former Director (Prof W.R. Owens), the founder of RED (Prof Simon Eliot) and the first dedicated research fellow (the late Dr Stephen Colclough). In addition, RED has an advisory board of acknowledged international experts in the field of the history of reading, who have been consulted in the establishment and development of the project.

The UK RED project team

Director: Dr Shafquat Towheed (The Open University)
Project Supervisor: Dr Edmund King (The Open University)
Team Member: Dr Francesca Benatti (The Open University)
Team Member: Dr Jonathan Gibson (The Open University)
Team Member/IT Developer: Carl Cottingham (The Open University)
Team Member/Editor: Dr Helen Chambers (The Open University)
Team Member/Project Support: Rachel Garnham (The Open University)

The UK RED current management board

Dr Rosalind Crone (The Open University)
Prof Simon Eliot (Institute of English Studies, University of London)
Prof Robert Fraser (The Open University)
Dr Katie Halsey (University of Stirling)
Dr Mary Hammond (University of Southampton)
Prof W.R. Owens (The Open University & The University of Bedfordshire)
Prof Alexis Weedon (University of Bedfordshire)

The UK RED advisory board

Ms Margaret Beetham (Manchester Metropolitan University)
Dr Maureen Bell (Birmingham University)
Prof Roger Chartier (EHESS/University of Pennsylvania)
Prof Kate Flint (University of Southern California)
Prof Warwick Gould (Institute of English Studies, University of London)
Prof James Raven (University of Essex)
Prof Jonathan Rose (Drew University)
Dr Caroline Sumpter (Queen’s University Belfast)
Prof David Vincent (The Open University)

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