The SocialLearn Research Blog is part of the UK Open University’s SocialLearn initiative, conducting R&D at the intersection of the tectonic forces now reshaping the learning landscape… new models of social learning, collective sensemaking, open educational resources, accreditation, p2p/mentoring relationships, authentic inquiry, learning narratives, 21st century skills…

Our pilot user group was the OU’s staff, next the hundreds of thousands of users in the Open University’s online communities (March 2012), plus early adopters who want to play, and after that a freely hosted social commons for the world to play (until the servers burn up).

We’ll be sharing the research via this blog, twitter and slideshare, and are now seeking partners.

Research contacts: Simon Buckingham Shum & Rebecca Ferguson

Project Manager for OU and commercial enquiries: Hannah Beaman h.r.beaman {usual sign}