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We have 2 posts going for the coming year – come and work in one of the Open U’s most exciting teams as we roll out and evaluate the system…

Extracts from the KMi Jobs page where you’ll find full details:

Full-time Research Associate

Knowledge Media Institute (KMi)
£29,972 – £35,788, Ref: 7347
Based in Milton Keynes
Temporary contract until 31st July 2012

The Open University’s Knowledge Media Institute has an opening for a Research Associate – SocialLearn. Your responsibility will be to use your understanding of learning and sensemaking online to improving the SocialLearn platform.

Closing date: Thursday 25 August 2011.

Part-time User Experience Developer

Knowledge Media Institute (KMi)
£24,370 – £29,099, Ref: 7344
Based in Milton Keynes
Temporary part-time contract until 31st July 2012

The Open University’s Knowledge Media Institute has an opening for a part-time User Experience Developer on the SocialLearn project. Your duties will include:

  • Developing and preparing use cases and feature specifications that can be implemented in liaison with a web designer/developer;
  • Designing and conducting user trials to gather qualitative (and, as appropriate, quantitative) data;
  • Proposing UI improvements that can be implemented by programmers;
  • Designing, recording and producing user-oriented screencasts about the system;
  • Contributing to the provision of documentation for new or improved products and services.

Closing date: Thursday 11 August 2011.

We’re hiring! Shortly to follow this technical post, will be another Research Associate position, who will work closely with this one — focused on the learner experience, and theoretical dimensions of learning analytics…

Research Associate: Social Learning Analytics & Recommender Services

£29,972 – £35,788, Closing date : 13/07/2011

August 14th, 2010Join the SocialLearn team

We currently have vacancies for a Lead Web Developer on SocialLearn and for three Web Developers.

Developers will need:

  • At least two years’ relevant experience in the effective specification, design, development, production or integration of software solutions and systems.
  • Experience of web services development and deployment.
  • A track record of successful delivery to specification within agreed schedule, resources and standards.
  • Proficiency in the development of one or more of: Systems software to support multiple media production; Online services such as for communications, assessment and the provision of learning materials;Scalable, generic software solutions to learning and teaching problems; Integration of multiple systems using web services.

Closing date for applications is 10 September 2010.

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