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Walking the memory lane to gain design inspirations

Design education at the OU encourages students to draw inspiration from everyday experiences. I learned this week that revisiting the history of your lived experiences is also an excellent source for design inspiration. I

The body as an artwork – the body as a community experience

Once again, it is a novelty experience to go to a physical exhibition. No other exhibition could have been more appropriate than Daniel Lismore’s “Be yourself, everyone else is already taken” (what a title!).

Presence in distance education – spaces to belong

I promise this is not going to be a philosophical discussion, but a rather practical view on the topic. In a discussion of a new design degree at the OU (we call it ‘BDes’),

Design research snapshot

The design group is multidisciplinary and engages in a wide range of research, including on sustainability, education, inclusion, systems thinking, arts and activism. Working at a distance, it is difficult to keep track of

Working towards gender equality at the School of Engineering and Innovation

I am very proud to say that the School of Engineering and Innovation, which Design is part of, has received an Athena SWAN Silver Award following its recent submission to AdvanceHE. Athena SWAN is

LGBTQ+ DESIGN history month

It is LGBTQ+ history month and it is about time to have a look at some of the contributions of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual Transgender, Queer or Questioning people to design in the past. By

Art History and Design in Dialogue: Abutments and Confluences

Design at the Open University has always bridged knowledge systems and approaches from the natural sciences, humanities and social sciences. The Design Group connects to other schools within STEM but also to other faculties

Design @Open YouTube channel

We have curated a collection of videos authored by OU Design staff and students on our newly opened YouTube channel. The collection introduces research projects, qualification engagement events and seminars. We seek to

Necessity is the mother of invention

In the Socratic dialogue ‘Republic’, Plato famously wrote: “our need will be the real creator” (, 2020) which was moulded over time into the English proverb ‘Necessity is the mother of invention’. Having read

Designing in partnership

This blog was co-authored by Abbie Jackson, Anna Ward-Stancheva, Georgy Holden, Leo Rees-Evans, Mar Reyes, Nicole Lotz and Rebekah Manston, all Design and Innovation students at the Open University. On June 25th 2020, the