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OU Design Summer School 2020 – Week 1

A few of us are working on an OU Design Summer School this year and we already have a great bunch of students working on this. It’s a bit of an experiment in terms

The Challenge of Re-Opening a Community Garden – The Covid-19 Crisis and Access to and Uses of Green spaces in Cities 

Now that the UK lock-down has been eased, although we observe increasingly local lockdowns being actioned, we can start to look back at what impact the Covid-19 crisis had and continues to have on

10 years of Connected Communities

Last week, AHRC released two videos to share insights from its Connected Communities programme which you can view on their homepage. Connected Communities was an innovative cross-council initiative, which brought academics and partners from civil

Site selection criteria for urban innovation experiments – towards a guidance note for practitioners

Selecting a site for the demonstration of innovative technologies in urban settings is not usually straightforward, even after a specific city has been chosen. A city is not a place but a constellation of

Exploring the design in place of on-street wireless charging for EVs

We are taking part in an 18-month Innovate UK research project exploring the design of, and user interactions with, on-street wireless charging for electric vehicles (EVs). This £3m project, entitled “On-Street Residential Induction Charging”,

Heritage buildings, carbon emissions… and gingerbread!

One day in early October, as I was quietly wandering along, minding my own business, I was accosted by a lady from the graduate school. ‘Ah, the very person I was looking for!’ She

Empowering Design Practices Live: celebrating community-led design in historic places of worship

On 12 February 2020, the Empowering Design Practices research team gathered with partners and community collaborators, colleagues, funders and friends to celebrate five years of research exploring community leadership in design within the context

155 card-based design tools

In November 2017 I wrote a Design@Open blog on some preliminary findings of research that James Warren and I were doing on card decks as tools for designers and designing. Since then we have

Looking for a PhD in Design?

The Open University is part of the AHRC funded Open-Oxford-Cambridge Doctoral Training Partnership. The deadline for these PhD applications is the 8th January 2020. Further information on eligibility and details of the OOC studentships can be

Design Revolutions? IASDR 2019

The IASDR2019, a biannual conference on design research, organised by the International Association of Societies for Design Research, brought together a truly international group of researchers and designers. This year’s theme ‘design revolutions’ steered