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Collaborating on Critical Methods in Security Studies

25 February 2010 (All day) - 26 February 2010 (All day)

This is the opening workshop for the International Collaboratory on Critical Methods in Security Studies – a joint initiative between The Open University, University of Edinburgh and University of Sussex. The workshop took place at the University of Sussex on 25-25 February 2010. 

On this page, you can find more detailed information about the workshop, including audio and video materials.


The first workshop aims to establish research clusters of four to five participants dedicated to exploring further specific critical methodologies for security studies. The following is an indicative list of methodologies

  • discourse (including analyses of speaker-audience interaction as political struggle and the destabilisation of limits of a given problem)
  • visuality (images and other forms of visualisation)
  • everyday securitization through actor network theory, science and technology studies, feminist analyses of materiality and agency
  • power struggles between security professionals
  • history of security through genealogy
  • political mobilisation through securitisation
  • critical methodology by means of quantitative methods

Contributions dealing with a methodological issue emerging from critical work on security are welcomed. The workshop will be organised around a set of discussion topics based on the research interests in methodology expressed by the participants. Participants are expected to remain members of the Collaboratory for the duration of the project and to contribute to collaborative work within the collaborative research website.

Call for papers