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Conference: Security Dispositifs. Technology - Space - Event

Security is as much about things as it is about words. In generating effects of (in)security, rhetorics of threat and danger always intersect with machines, bodies and media ecologies. This workshop seeks to explore the multifarious materialities of security from an interdisciplinary angle: How does the government of global circulations depend on territorial strategies? How are border regimes linked to systems of data processing?

Bruno Latour's publications

 A lot of Bruno Latour's recent publications are available on his website

Studying the Agency of Being Governed

Methodology Workshop - Call for papers at  the School of Global Studies, Gothenburg University

19-20 May 2010

Studies of governmentality during the last decades have productively explored and analysed how rationalities, techniques and technologies of government are applied and used in order to make societies and its citizens governable (see for example Dean 1999, Rose 1996, Burchell 1996, Hindess 1996). Focusing on neoliberal governmentality, research has shown how technologies of performance (such as targeting, benchmarking, mid-term budget frameworks and refined methods of monitoring and evaluation) work together with technologies of agency (such as participatory and emancipatory methods) to shape conduct and subject as well as their interests and agency.

International workshop on collective writing

12 September 2011 (All day) - 13 September 2011 (All day)

This 2 day workshop has brought together the collective working established during the project with the purpose of sharing their collaborative experience, presenting the substantive work done on developing and applying critical methods, and organising further collaboration and collective writing.

Photos from the workshop


Collaborating on Critical Methods in Security Studies

25 February 2010 (All day) - 26 February 2010 (All day)

This is the opening workshop for the International Collaboratory on Critical Methods in Security Studies – a joint initiative between The Open University, University of Edinburgh and University of Sussex. The workshop took place at the University of Sussex on 25-25 February 2010. 

On this page, you can find more detailed information about the workshop, including audio and video materials.