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Collaborating on Critical Methods in Security Studies

25 February 2010 (All day) - 26 February 2010 (All day)

This is the opening workshop for the International Collaboratory on Critical Methods in Security Studies – a joint initiative between The Open University, University of Edinburgh and University of Sussex. The workshop took place at the University of Sussex on 25-25 February 2010. 

On this page, you can find more detailed information about the workshop, including audio and video materials.

Objects of security

Securitisation has been seen as largely part of the linguistic and social constructivist turn in international relations. Risk, security, disaster and war have been unpacked as discursive and institutional practices that constitute both that which is to be secured and the threat. As a performative and intersubjective practice, securitisation has largely ignored the role of ‘things’ in the articulation of insecurities.