Northwords Now on Kindle

Despite my best efforts to keep at least one foot planted in prehistory (I’ve yet to send a text to anyone, let alone work out the nuances of textspeak), it isn’t just my occasional OU blog (and all the online tutoring) that’s throwing yours truly into the bright, digital future. The new edition of Northwords Now is now available in e-reader form as well as good old fashioned paper. It won’t roll into a ball quite so easily but it does mean that there’s now a solution to that annoying moment when readers realise the last copy of Northwords Now has vanished from their local bookshop. Also, we get to extend the reach of the North further still.
The new Kindle edition has been specially put together with an e-reader screen in mind and boasts the same fine mix of fiction, poetry, articles and reviews as the paper magazine (Tom Pow, Kona Macphee, Liz Niven and Ian Stephen all feature in our latest issue). What’s more, we remain free of charge, which these days is no bad thing.
If you’re in any way vexed by how e-readers work and whether you’ll have to fork out precious lucre on a special contraption (you don’t) just visit the Northwords Now website where there are really clear instructions on how to download the magazine to an e-reader, PC, tablet or smartphone.
Cheers and happy reading!

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