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What is the point?

For those who often come from a purely scientific background like engineering, medicine or IT, it seems to be very difficult to get convinced of not only the importance of visual art (especially painting), design

Night…that mystic

Science, poetry, painting and other forms of art have always been inspired by that mysterious darkness with the countless stars that night brings in its folds. In a certain way, that is quite expected

Ethics before Creativity

“Justice is the basis of urbanisation” is the letteral translation of one of the famous lines of “Al-Muqaddimah”; “Introduction”, the great book of Ibn Khaldun, the well-known ancient Arab philosopher, sociologist, and historian. However,

“The Beautiful Woman has Come”

It is not a strange scene to see all the visitors standing in amazement around the fascinating limestone sculpture of the queen which testifies for her beauty as much as her Egyptian birth name

Immersive Atmospheres…

They are just everywhere, your favourite restaurant, that novel you have lived in your imagination just as much as you have read, and surely that movie that you can endlessly watch again and again.

Co-designing inclusive design education

How can we shape an inclusive design education that is responsive to the diversity of students’ needs, interests and professional and personal context? This was a question we started exploring yesterday in an online

Attitudes and Behaviours

We’re on design as a set of Cognitive Superpowers (again). This time looking at two properties we take for granted and don’t seem to include in learning outcomes: Attitudes and Behaviours. I’m going to

Ensuring effective user input in design

Stephen Potter and Lisa Bowers Here are a couple of perspectives on how we can engender effective user input in design – one being the experience of doing this as part of three major

Shifting the design curriculum

  First, a note on the accompanying pictures of constructions by two distinguished woman artists, Mary Martin and Gillian Wise. Sadly Gillian succumbed to C19 in April this year. Mary Martin belonged to the

Why is design education white?

UK Black History Month is drawing to an end and this year, in particular, with all of the events that led to Black Lives Matter protests I have, once again, found myself reflecting on