How does GDPR affect research data management?

It will probably come as no surprise to anyone with an email address that the GDPR comes in to force this week.

The GDPR is the new General Data Protection Regulation: an EU-wide regulation that provides rules for how personal data is handled.

It has implications for how organisations gather, manage, use and share personal data – for example when marketing and delivering services, as demonstrated by the many emails we have all no doubt received recently from companies we once interacted with in one way or another.

But there are also implications for researchers working with personal data, and in March Dr Marc Cornock wrote a guest post for us about GDPR and introduced his editorial about the issues affecting research.

Further to this, we have written a guide: GDPR – How does it affect Research Data Management and data sharing?highlighting the key issues for researchers and drawing together some useful resources and contacts.

If you have any comments or suggestions from your experience, please do get in touch. The guidance will be updated and improved as we all get to grips with GDPR.

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