Which Stats Test? SAGE Research Methods

Hello and happy Thursday everyone!

Today is the final instalment of the SAGE Research Methods blog post series and we will be focusing on the Stats Test tool. This tool is designed to help researchers figure out which statistical test is best for their study – as it can be very difficult to get to grips with! All you have to do is answer a series of questions about your project and SRM will do all the work for you (amazing right?)


Also if you’re ever unsure of how to answer a question, there will always be a help section which will take you to a list of resources designed to help you understand the question. For example, this screenshot shows the question ‘what measurement level are your variables?’ and the help function has links to take you to resources aimed at helping you to understand variables and levels of measurement.


We hope you’ve found these SAGE Research Methods posts useful. If you have any further queries about the database please contact the Research Support Team at library-research-support@open.ac.uk

Good luck with your research!

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