Curriculum Business Models (CBM)

The Open University’s Curriculum Business Models (CBM) project is a long standing institutionally supported project which moved into a new phase at about the time that the OULDI-JISC project started in early 2009. In particular, CBM has sought to create a set of cross faculty exemplar representations of modules, to support faculties in developing cost and resource effective – and pedagogically coherent – modules. Although OULDI and CBM started with distinctly different aspirations, many of the underpinning theoretical and philosophical perspectives were shared, transferable and directly relevant to both projects. Two of the four representations developed and used by the OULDI-JISC project (the Pedagogy Profile and Module Map) were developed in collaboration with CBM.

Care has been taken throughout to ensure that the OULDI-JISC and CBM projects have remained closely aligned as it was felt that a coherent approach across the projects was likely to achieve most impact across the university, and several of the OULDI institutional pilots have been run in parallel with CBM work. Over time, CBM has become increasingly engaged in understanding and informing the process of design from a strategic perspective, and has been working with and building on the tools, approaches and findings of the OULDI-JISC project.

Ed Techie blog post about Curriculum Business Models

Curriculum Business Models Seminar: ‘Curriculum business models – reshaping the design process’ Martin Weller

Martin led an exploration of some of the work he has been involved in over the past year, exploring what it offers and how it might work, and invited discussion of issues arising. This event was recorded and is available to OU staff via Stadium.