Evaluation methodology

Our final reports will focus on impact evaluation and assessment; our data collection methods have therefore been chosen to capture levels of impact across three strands:

o Impact on the design practice of individual academics

o Impact on the design practice and curriculum design processes of Schools/Faculties/Support Units

o Impact on institutional curriculum design processes

Because our interest is in capturing a rich picture of impact across six HE institutional contexts, we have used a rich multi-methods approach which includes video and audio recording, images and photographs, discussion dialogue from email and Cloudworks, surveys and workshop evaluations, policy documents and process reviews. We have also taken care to capture data that may indicate why the impact occurred, or did not occur, and how it could be repeated or enhanced. An adaptation of the HEA’s Academy Evaluation and Impact Assessment Approach (HEA, 2009) has been used to map findings to six levels of impact:

Level Label Intended outcomes at this level. Individuals/ Schools/ the institution will: Link to the next level:
1 Awareness of… Recognise the learning design methodology as enhancing learning and teaching, and thereby… …make an informed choice to learn more about or engage in some way with learning design.
2 Reactions Feel positive about the learning design methodology as a whole and/or particular activities, tools or resources, and thereby… …make a further informed choice to engage in some particular way with the learning design methodology.
3 Engagement Engage with enhancing learning and teaching by using a learning design approach, and thereby… …begin to learn and develop some ideas relevant to their practice.
4 Learning from… Learn and develop learning design approaches relevant to their work, and thereby… …begin to plan how to use these approaches in their practice
5 Applying the learning Apply what they have learnt or developed to their practice, and thereby… …begin to identify the effects of applying these new approaches in practice.
6 Effects on students Identify instances of students learning better as a result of enhanced practice, and thereby… …develop evidence-based confidence in these new approaches and more broadly in informed and explicit pedagogic innovation and enhancement