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Launch of the OULDI @ Brunel website MARCH 31st 2011

About OULDI at Brunel

Blended learning is now an accepted learning experience for most students at Brunel.  While the use of technology enhanced learning is not mandatory, staff are expected to enhance the learning experience for students.  The central e-Learning Support Team offers training and consultation to staff, to equip them to make use of technology enhanced learning to improve communication, interaction and collaboration in their teaching, and to provide students with flexible access to learning activities, learning resources and formative assessments.

However, the quality of blended learning varies considerably across the institution.  Schools may provide little strategic direction or policy for blended learning to their staff.  Lack of coherent approaches resulted in disjointed learning experiences for many students.  Processes are needed to enable Brunel to drive forward enhancement strategically through effective design, approval and review of teaching programmes and modules. Furthermore, support should be provided ‘just in time’ to staff at the times when they need it.

The prime focal points of this pilot are as follows:

•          Blending face-to-face teaching and e-learning within the context of the needs and preferences of students, the characteristics and requirements of the programme, the teaching style of the lecturer, and available technologies.

•          Encouraging lecturing staff to think profoundly about the best blend at the initial stages of the design process.

•          Detailed consideration and incorporation of pedagogic principles into programme design.

The OULDI@Brunel team have recently written up three narrative case studies, following the experiences of three academic practitioners using the OULDI tools and methodologies

Narrative 4

Narrative 5

Narrative 6

Narrative 19

Design Challenge Workshop, Brunel November 2009

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Design Challenge Workshop, Brunel July 2010