The University of Cambridge¬† trialled use of some of the OULDI tools via a ’13Things’ staff developement and engagement programme.

13 Things for Curriculum Design

Conclusions from 13 Things Blog Post

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The Programme explored the use of and gathered feedback on various curriculum design tools, including OULDI tools, to lecturers at the University of Cambridge in order to determine the transferability of the OU methodology.

Screencast Introduction to the 13Things Programme

The 13 Things Programme introduced lecturers to this set of  tools and encouraged them to spend half an hour experimenting and then blogging their experiences.

Besides blogging about the individual tools and methods, participants were also encouraged to attend workshops. The feedback on these OULDI tools, as well as the experiences from individual users can be found in this report.
The results of this programme show that the 13 Things participants preferred tools that give them clear benefits, are easy to start using, are practical and of high quality. Not all tools met these needs but some were well received.

Cambridge University (2011) OULDI pilot report, pp21

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