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Ensuring effective user input in design

Stephen Potter and Lisa Bowers Here are a couple of perspectives on how we can engender effective user input in design – one being the experience of doing this as part of three major

‘UK Makerspace – make things, do stuff and knit the community together’

Over a decade ago the term Makerspace, Hackerspace or Fablab would have been a relatively unknown term by the general populous. If the terms were understood then perhaps they would be thought of as

A strange collection of objects or ground-breaking inclusive design?

Helen Hamlyn (2019) design innovation awards What are these objects? How can we use them? Are they modern or vintage? Answers on a postcard please… #HH@theRCA Helen Hamlyn (HH)Trust has been breaking new boundaries

AI, are you a watcher or a skeptic?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly being used to aid humans in many scenarios and everyday tasks or challenges. From health and welfare to leading military systems AI is already being seen by designers and developers, as futuristic technologies

A Trendy Design Post: Trend Design

  You may think that Trend Design is all about gazing into a crystal ball, or putting on floaty Kaftans whilst using mythical mend bending meditation tactics to realise trends of the future. However,

‘It’s OK, to want to be ordinary…’

Recently one of my colleagues, for the purposes of this blog let’s call her Helen, is nearing two notable landmarks in her life. One is her fortieth birthday and the second is her final

The future is here, can you feel, see and smell it?

 “Are you going to the ‘Feelies’ tonight Henry?” [1] In Aldous Huxley’s book ‘The Brave New World’ [1], he speaks about going to the ‘feelies’, which transcribes as  Huxley’s futuristic vision of cinema audiences being enabled

Haptic ‘ The State of the Art’

Authorship – Alastair Barrow and Imogen Clare of Generic Robotics This blog was kindly sent from Dr Alistair Burrow and his project assistant Imogen Clare. These two colleagues work a researchers within a start up business

Haptics in education

Haptics in Education  Digital Touch at a distance. The field of design is a difficult discipline to facilitate at a distance due to the practical nature of what is known as “studio” or “in