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Redesigning major infrastructure projects for a post Covid19 world

As lockdown measures ease many people are wondering what will life be like post Covid19. Will there be a new normal in which society operates in profoundly different ways with less travel for example,

Designing Urban Atmospheres

In everyday speech, people may say that a restaurant has a very romantic atmosphere. Likewise, the atmosphere of a shopping centre may be said to be vibrant. It may be difficult so explain exactly

Architectural Innovation in Energy Systems

Electricity systems underpin much of everyday life in the city.  As urban populations expand, become more affluent and carbon reduction targets ramp up it is likely that such systems will need to change considerably

The challenges of smart city mobilities

Smart urbanisation is one of the main approaches for cities around the world to realise their social, environmental and economic goals.  Applying the latest ‘smart IT ‘to augment transport, energy, communication and other urban

Smart Cities in the Making

Many cities across the world are being reconfigured by digital technologies and reframed as ‘smart cities’. However, cities are far from passive contexts in which digital technologies are simply implemented. How smart reworks the

Citizenship in the smart city

The suite of smart city standards recently published by the British Standards Institute attempts to legitimise smart city developments by placing citizens at the centre of them. Working with Simon Joss and Youri Dayot