How do you draw a circle?

I just stumbled across a great article that analysed how different cultures draw a circle.

Give it a try at their page.

They found strong arguments that the way you draw circles relates to your cultural context, or to be more precise, to the language and writing system you use.

For example, if in your writing system, circles shaped letters or symbols are drawn counterclockwise there is a good chance that you will draw circles generally counterclockwise. But this is not true for children that have not had long exposure to the dominant writing system.

I also found the quick draw application by Google, upon which their data analysis was based, worth a visit. It is meant to help to teach a machine how humans draw (and it tells you what it sees in real time!) I actually could not stop laughing. Give it a try.

There have been just a few analyses of these data sets. Another study looked at drawing times. You’ll be surprised how quickly a machine can tell what you draw! I could think of various ideas for analysing this if it was in a format I could parse.

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