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Online documents

Collier (2007) The Collaboratory Form in Contemporary Anthropology

Collier, Stephen (2007), 'The Collaboratory Form in Contemporary Anthropology', available from

This paper relates to a collaborative enterprise I have undertaken with Andrew Lakoff and Paul Rabinow that we have decided to call the Anthropology of the Contemporary Research Collaboratory (ARC). In what follows I would like to say something about the collaboratory form as it relates to problems of method and anthropology.

Rabinow (2008) Anthropology of the Contemporary

Paul Rabinow is the Director of the collaboratory Anthropological Research on the Contemporary (ARC). ARC is devoted to collaborative inquiry into contemporary forms of life labor and language, it engages in empirical study and conceptual work with global reach and long-term perspective and creates contemporary equipment for work on collaborative projects and problems in the 21st century.

Paul Rabinow's talk on ARC is available on YouTube.

Massumi (2003) An Interview With Brian Massumi

Massumi, Brian (2003), "Navigating movements: An interview with Brian Massumi." Interview
by Mary Zournazi:

Mary Zournazi interviews Brian Massumi. He elaborates his notion of affect and relates it to contemporary capitalism (Negri) and societies of control (Deleuze). Many passages touch the topic of temporality.

Latour (1999) The Trouble with Actor Network Theory

Latour, Bruno (1999), "The trouble with Actor Network Theory". In: Soziale Welt, 47, pp 369-381.

This online paper by Bruno Latour offers an overview of some of the tenets of and misconceptions about Actor Network Theory. Three resources have been developed over the ages to deal with agencies. The first one is to attribute to them naturality and to link them with nature. The second one is to grant them sociality and to tie them with the social fabric. The third one is to consider them as a semiotic construction and to relate agency with the building of meaning.