We speak too!

As well as this blog, you’ll be delighted to find that my skills extend to podcasting, to the same high levels of professionality/reading things on the internet.

With my return to the UK in a Changing Europe initiative through to May 2025, I’m delighted to say that rather than just having me speak on things Brexit-y, I am now joined by David Moloney.

David’s got lots of experience of researching EU negotiators around Brexit, plus a bunch of theorising, plus his accent’s nicer than mine, so we’re all winning on this.

Our first joint episode looks at Georgia Meloni’s recent visit to London to discuss cooperation on migration and how this fits into both EU policy on the topic and the proliferation of British bilateral agreements with EU member states.


David will be writing about this here too before too long, but enjoy our discussion in the meantime.

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