OpenStudio Shortlisted for Guardian University Award 2017 !

OpenStudio has been shortlisted for a 2017 Guardian University Award in the Digital Innovation category.


OpenDesignStudio first appeared way back in 2008 in the module T189: Digital Photography module and was then re-purposed for the first presentation of U101: Design Thinking, as an online design studio and portfolio tool, where the use of it demonstrated the significant benefit to students of design at a distance.

Subsequently, OpenStudio was developed as a Univesrity-wide online learning tool, to fit into OU systems and making it easier to blend into the overall learning design.

Nicole, Georgy and myself are working on the eSTeEM project Are we Making Progress, researching the use of OpenStudio across all levels of study at the OU. You can find some preliminary results here: (watch this space for a full write up some time in June. Maybe. 🙂 ).

But a final shout out has to go to the people that actually make OpenStudio work – students and tutors!

In all the shouting it’s easy to forget that the technical and system solutions we have are just that – they simply don’t work without people (read Foucault and Latour!!).

So thank you to everyone past, present and future who has made OpenStudio a success.

The award ceremony is on Wednesday 29 March 2017. Fingers crossed…



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