Participants are all very welcome to this interactive session!


Our presentation (slides, videoclip and resources) will be available with an open space for participants to share questions, views and own practices – before, during and after the conference at

Fun is as an important part of the lived experience; however, its meaning is under-explored by literature. In this presentation, light is shed on the elements, meaning and relationships about fun and learning considering the students’ “nuanced views” that integrate fun and learning in different ways.

These are the  highlights…
1. An open self-reflective instrument was developed with valid and reliable measurement scales with epistemic constructs about online learning and fun.
2. A methodology underpinned by RRI (Responsible Research and Innovation) for practitioners, educators and learners is provided.
3. An open database with a three sets of code scheme was produced and available for all.
4. Findings will be discussed, which shows distinctive epistemological beliefs associated with different views about fun in learning.
5. An open framework about fun in online learning is illustrated with key recommendations.