Rumpus’ projects are aligned with five key areas of the Open University

  1. student success  
  2. excellent teaching and research
  3. growth and sustainability
  4. technology-enhanced learning
  5. dynamic and inclusive culture

Our projects aim to contribute  to local, national and global  practices, policies and debates in education. We draw on a wide range of research methodologies, including anthropology, childhood studies, cultural studies, developmental psychology, ethnography and sociology.

Our partners include schools,  academic groups,  technology companies, practitioners and other users of research, including governments and NGOs in the UK, Europe and across the globe.

Our current projects are:

Dance-Educates-Fun: The role of fun in embodied learning through cross-curricular dance/movement in the UK – led by Mimi Tatlow-Golden, Linda Plowright-Pepper Constructions and applications of fun in Classic FM’s online music education resources in the UK – led by Emily Dowdeswell, Kieron Sheehy, Mimi Tatlow-Golden

Fun, Big Books  Inclusion and successful kindergartens  led by Kieron Sheehy

CONNECT:  students and scientists with Participatory fun in science education across the world. EC funded project led by Alexandra Okada

OLAF Online learning and fun to enhance students’ access, retention, attainment, progress across the world. OUUK-Brazil funded project led by Alexandra Okada, Kieron Sheehy

Fun in my life: Nepalese children’s photos of fun led by Sarah Huxley, Mimi Tatlow-Golden, Anna Childs

PhD research projects:

CAC The roles of fun through learning: a case study of Coaches Across Continents led by Sarah Huxley [Supervisors: Mimi Tatlow-Golden, Rebecca Ferguson, Kieron Sheehy]

How fun comes to matter to children in an English primary school: A posthumanist exploration led by Emily Dowdeswell [Supervisors: Mimi Tatlow-Golden, Kieron Sheehy, Christine O’Farrelly]