Cite, share and get recognition for your research with our new research data service: Open Research Data Online!

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Open Research Data Online (ORDO) is now live and ready to accept research data deposits. It is a research data store that enables you to publish completed research data and get a permanent, citable DOI for your work. Based on the established Figshare platform, ORDO makes it easy to link to supporting data from other publications, and provides an accessible shop window on University research. Figshare software allows access to 150 file types within the browser, without the need for file download or specialist software.

ORDO can also be used for live data storage by individual users or collaborative project groups. Default data allowances are 50 Gb per researcher, and 100 Gb per research project, which can be increased on request.

In a second phase of development ORDO will link with Open Research Online – the University institutional repository – to allow research datasets to be included in the University’s People Profile pages.figshare logo

RDM: a compete service

ORDO builds upon the research data management service provided by the Library; and completes our data support for each stage of the research life cycle. From planning for data within the bidding process, through to organising, storing and sharing data with others, the University now has facilities and services to support researchers at each step of the process.

The ORDO service ensures that the University is compliant with all RCUK funder requirements for the support of research data.

Guided data deposit

The Library research support team can help you prepare your data for deposit and publication; contact if you would like to use ORDO to share your research data publicly.

Like to find out more?

If you are not at the stage in your research of needing to deposit data, but would still like to find out more about ORDO, you can come to a system demo during Open Access week. Pop into the Library presentation room on the Library ground floor between 10 and 11 Tuesday 25th October to see what the system can do for you; alternatively you might like to help us with some user testing we have planned for early November. Please contact to register your interest.

1 thought on “Cite, share and get recognition for your research with our new research data service: Open Research Data Online!

  1. Wendy Mears Post author

    and we have our first data deposit! Kurijn Buys – a musical acoustic researcher and PhD student within the School of Engineering and Innovation, has deposited some audio and video files showing early results from his research, supporting a soon to be published paper. The video shows the playing of a hybrid clarinet; its mouthpiece removed, and connected to a computer, it can be programmed to produce sounds through mathematical formulae. Audio files play early evaluations of the instrument.


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