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Meaningful participation through digital engagement

When COVID19 forced us to retreat into our social bubbles and our homes, the government needed to make plans so that people could still participate in planning matters that concerned them. Therefore, they issued

Two Barriers to Inclusive Design

Inclusive Design is broadly defined as the advocacy for and participation of often overlooked or marginalised people in the design process.  While the concepts of participation, inclusion, fairness, and accessibility seem well known in

Black Inventors and Innovators: New Perspectives

As part of Black History Month, The Smithsonian Institute’s Lemelson Center for the Study of Invention and Innovation held a week-long webinar series, from 16-20 November 2020, about Black and other inventors of colour

Art History and Design in Dialogue: Abutments and Confluences

Design at the Open University has always bridged knowledge systems and approaches from the natural sciences, humanities and social sciences. The Design Group connects to other schools within STEM but also to other faculties

Design @Open YouTube channel

We have curated a collection of videos authored by OU Design staff and students on our newly opened YouTube channel. The collection introduces research projects, qualification engagement events and seminars. We seek to

Civic action during and beyond COVID – challenges and opportunities

It is without doubt true that the coronavirus pandemic has disrupted our ‘normal’ way of life, our work and the way we communicate and socialise with others. Many people now increasingly face important economic,

Reflections on participatory design at the OU- in a Design Emergency

 There are a few advantages that stem from the current pandemic. As well as momentary improvement in air quality and watching wildlife re-occupy some urban environments, conferences that previously we would have had to

The Challenge of Re-Opening a Community Garden – The Covid-19 Crisis and Access to and Uses of Green spaces in Cities 

Now that the UK lock-down has been eased, although we observe increasingly local lockdowns being actioned, we can start to look back at what impact the Covid-19 crisis had and continues to have on

‘UK Makerspace – make things, do stuff and knit the community together’

Over a decade ago the term Makerspace, Hackerspace or Fablab would have been a relatively unknown term by the general populous. If the terms were understood then perhaps they would be thought of as

Fieldwork is Fun!?

I’m researching ways to reduce carbon emissions from residential heritage buildings while retaining their heritage values. I’m focussing on Cumbria and the Lake District National Park and before the small matter of coronavirus prevented