Instructions for students taking part in the study

This activity should normally take about 90 minutes (from reading the directions to submitting the recordings). If you have already used screen capture software it could be less than that. Hopefully it should also be a useful learning exercise as you will be reflecting on your own assignment.

Getting ready for the recordings

  1. First of all, read the document entitled Briefing notes and watch the video showing an example of what your two recordings might look like. Then take a few minutes to look through your TMA and see what you might want to talk about: 
    • Briefing notes (to get an idea of the kind of information we are looking for)
    • Example_talk-through (5 min. video: an example of what your two recordings might look like). It may take a few moments to dowload. When you are done, click on the Back arrow to return to this page. 
    • Install the Jing software:  Step-by-step directions
  2. Watch our video tutorial: Making a recording (3:30 mins). It will open in a new window and may take a few moments to dowload.

Making and submitting your recording

The Briefing notes and Step-by-step directions provided above should contain all the information you need for this. Remember that your recordings do not have to be perfect! Your first attempt (or second, if you must) should be just fine! This is just an exploratory study and anything you have to say will be useful to us.

When they are ready, submit your two recordings (comments on PT3 and on TMA script) by email to . If you prefer not to send large files by email, just send us a message entitled “Dropbox request” stating your PI number and the nickname we allocated you and we shall send you further instructions.

If you experience any problems

Do let us know by emailing Please write “Help needed” in the subject line.

Thank you again for giving us your time. We hope you find the experience interesting and thought-provoking 🙂 In due course the findings will be published on this website.

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