The project

Are students getting the most out of assignment feedback? How effective is electronically-delivered feedback in terms of learning? How do tutors use written and audio-recorded feedback? How do students engage with it? These are some of the question that the e-Feedback Evaluation Project seeks to answer.

Project aims:

The aim of this project is to evaluate the use of spoken and written e-feedback when these modes of delivery have become standard practice within a Higher Education Institution. The evaluation focuses on current practice in modern languages at the Open University in terms of…

  • the quality of the feedback itself
  • staff and student perceptions
  • student engagement

In order to test the extent to which the lessons learnt at the OU are applicable to non-distance learning contexts, we are also conducting a smaller-scale evaluation of the use of e-feedback at the University of Manchester. The Manchester evaluation is more narrowly focused on the use of audio-recorded e-feedback in Italian modules.