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Feedback alignment exercise (Languages)

  1. Description of this activity and step-by-step directions: Handout – Follow-up activity
  2. This is the form that students complete: Feedback alignment – Student template (Languages)
  3. This is the form that tutors complete: Feedback alignment – Tutor template (languages)
  4. When both tutor and student have completed their forms, both sets of responses are summarised onto a single form:

Examples of assignment feedback from language tutors

  • Feedback sample: This sample comprises four Spanish assignments (beginner, lower intermediate, upper intermediate, and advanced level) and related feedback from four tutors: Sample TMAs for Staff Dev workshop 18.03.13
  • Student’s feedback on feedback: You can also see what the students thought about the feedback in question. Just follow this link and select a student to watch the screencasts that they recorded as they talked us through the feedback themselves.

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