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Greismann (1977) Terrorism and social meanings

Greismann, H.C. "Social Meanings of Terrorism: Reification, Violence, and Social Control." Contemporary crises 1 (1977): 303–18.

Article that critically discusses the social construction of terrorism at a time when critical reflections on the nature of terrorism have been sparse. Interessting link between power, elites and social construction processes.

Chouliaraki (2008) The symbolic power of transnational media : Managing the visibility of suffering

Explicitly theorizes the link between circulation and image content, providing a somewhat critical perspective on the media on which visual artefacts depend.

This article explores systematic patterns in the visibility of suffering in satellite
news, from the footage of 11 September 2001 to citizen-generated content from
the 2007 anti-government demonstrations in Myanmar (Burma), so as to illustrate
the role of transnational media as agents of symbolic power. It argues that
the symbolic power of transnational broadcasting consists primarily in its capacity
to manage the visibility of suffering so as to reproduce the moral deficiencies of