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Description - Method 4: Situated knowledge

This group is interested in knowledge and practice as a situated phenomenon. The object of our study is situations that include multiple problematiques, with security being one amongst others. This raises the following methodological questions:

Composing plurality

  • How to study and present a plurality of relations between people, sites, things, temporalities that make a situation?
  • How to render the interplay between routine and creativity?

Situatedness of security

  • How to embed the practice of security within a wider spectrum of relations?

Ascending analyses of power

  • How to move from situated everyday practices to broader questions of domination?

Critical knowledge

  • What does it mean to be critical?
  • What is emancipatory transformative knowledge?
  • How to invest reflexivity in methodologies?
  • How to negotiate one’s own situatedness?

Method coordinator

Manuel Mireanu,